Who We Are

Attentive. Encouraging. Creative. Fun!

At Colleen’s School of Dance, we offer dance education that is fun and non-competitive with one-on-one attention and small class sizes.

For over 20 years, we have prided ourselves in being a home-based studio and have provided students with a warm, yet professional, environment that fosters the development of proper dance technique, self-discipline and focus.

We encourage our students to create, discover and learn so that they can express themselves as dancers. Colleen and her team of professional, caring instructors have made it their goal to help each student grow in their love of dance!

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Dance can make a difference.

Dancing, on every level, can build confidence in all aspects of life, from achieving better grades in school, to standing up for what you believe in, to becoming a reliable and dedicated employee. Dancing develops poise that impresses. It provides a creative outlet that can add an art form to someone’s life. Dancing teaches respect for others and fosters relationships that can become life-long friendships. Students achieve goals and dreams they set from a very young age. Each time we have the opportunity to teach we realize that we are leaving a legacy and helping them to create their own.