4863 Hills & Dales Rd NW | Canton, OH | Phone: 330-477-9046


4863 Hills & Dales Rd NW
Canton, OH
Phone: 330-477-9046
Text: 330-324-0993
Email: dancejktwp@aol.com


1. What kind of classes do you offer?
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Lyrical and Acrobatics.

2. What is the youngest age I can start my child in class?
Age 2 1/2 is the youngest a child can start class. If parents are unsure if their child is ready for dance class, they may contact the studio and set up a free, trial class.  The teacher will be able to assess if your child is ready for dance class at that time or needs to wait until she or he is a little older.

3. How are parents kept informed about dance studio policies and events?
Parents are given studio memos at three different times during the year: September (or upon enrollment),  December, and February.

4. Is there a dance recital?
Yes, a dance recital is held every year in May at the Canton Palace Theatre.

5. Before I enroll my child may I visit your studio?
Yes. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our studio to you and to get to know you and your child.

6. I’ve never experienced a home dance studio.  What is it like?
Many parents and family members comment on the warmth and family-like atmosphere of our studio. They seem especially pleased with the individual attention that their children receive.   The teachers take pride in providing students with not only the appropriate dance techniques but believe in fostering a spirit of love for dance itself. Possibly, best of all, the teachers believe that dance should be fun!   

7. What are your accreditations?
Dance Masters of America, Inc.
Dance Masters of Ohio

8. When can parents observe their children in class?
There is an observation week that takes place the last week before the studio closes for the December holidays.
In addition, from January until the Recital in May, parents are welcome to observe their child’s dance routine at any time.

9. Is there a dress code?
Yes. Female dance attire consists of a black leotard (any style) and  tan or pink non-shimmery dance tights. If a student desires she may wear a skirt in any color or a black leotard with an attached skirt.
Male dance attire is black pants and a white t-shirt.
Please check with the teacher regarding the color and style of shoes necessary for class.

10. What is the cost of lessons?
Our parents find our monthly class fees to be very reasonable. We are happy to discuss tuition in more detail by phone (330) 477-9046 or (330)-324-0993 or by contacting us.

We look forward to the honor of teaching your children.

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